The HCP Engagement Platform for Life Sciences

MedUniverse is a digital platform to effectively create, share and distribute impactful patient case studies for HCPs across multiple-channels, customized for the life science industry.

MedUniverse in 2 minutes – watch our video!

The MedUniverse HCP Engagement Platform enables an omnichannel approach.


Create engaging, interactive content & gain immediate insights
Collaborate & Co-Create with KOLs using the content collaboration module 
Approve, review & publish content compliantly
 Distribute through any digital or non-digital channel with one click – live / virtual live meetings, email, newsletter, congresses, webinars and print



Engage HCPs without them needing to download, register, or login
Embed images, videos, links, questions feedback loops and call to action
 Measure behavioural change and impact using powerful analytical and reporting tools
 Re-engage using ‘call to action’ with next steps , additional content , downloads, marketing consent, invite to next meeting etc.


 Capture performance and response insights 
 Provide immediate participant feedback using question feedback functionality
 Encourage group discussions, deeper learning and extend engagement times 
Increase awareness around new treatments, guidelines, recommendations & patient identification
 Assess & evaluate channel performance to improve & adapt content & optimize channel mix
 Deploy post participation evaluation to assess educational value, channel preferences, and inform future subject matters

Want to try a patient case? 

Learn more about Walter with persistent dry cough.


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