Proven ROI

Strategic value of using patient cases

MedUniverse presents a compelling business case for its use in the US and UK Pharma markets, particularly within therapeutic areas such as hematology and oncology. The platform’s primary objective is to enhance engagement between HCPs and pharmaceutical companies through interactive patient case studies. By integrating seamlessly with existing marketing strategies and channels, including digital campaigns, CRM systems like Veeva, and third-party platforms such as MedShr, MedUniverse offers a one-stop shop, comprehensive solution for creating, sharing and analyzing interactive patient case data.
MedUniverse’s success is evidenced by its ability to drive new accounts and patient starts, directly correlating with revenue growth. The platform’s interactivity forces clinicians to consider the pharmaceutical product in real-life patient scenarios, increasing the likelihood of prescription. Additionally, the customizable nature of MedUniverse ensures compliance and allows for the creation of compelling in-house patient cases.
This business case demonstrates the strategic value of MedUniverse in providing a proven blueprint for success, integrating with existing marketing efforts, and identifying knowledge gaps among HCPs. By adopting MedUniverse, pharmaceutical companies can enhance HCP interactions, drive market growth, and achieve a positive return on investment.


MedUniverse is an innovative platform that brings patient case studies to life, offering a unique interactive experience that enhances engagement between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and pharmaceutical companies. This business case outlines the benefits, proven success, and strategic value of MedUniverse for pharma companies, positioning it as a must-have tool for driving market growth and improving HCP interactions.

Key Benefits

Enhanced HCP Engagement:
Interactive patient case studies create a more engaging and informative experience for HCPs, leading to better understanding and stronger recall of the pharmaceutical product.
The platform’s interactivity forces clinicians to consider the pharmaceutical product in the context of real-life patient scenarios, increasing the likelihood of prescription.
Proven ROI and Sales Growth:
MedUniverse has demonstrated a tangible link between the use of patient case studies and increased sales. In hematology, the introduction of MedUniverse led to new accounts and patient starts, directly correlating with revenue growth.
The platform supports strategic communication of patient groups, which is crucial for targeting and market penetration.
Compliance and Customization:
MedUniverse allows for the creation of custom patient cases without the need for lengthy contracting processes with HCPs, ensuring quicker deployment and compliance.
The ability to design in-house patient cases with compelling data makes it easier to guide HCPs towards favorable prescription decisions.
Supportive Partnership:
MedUniverse offers exceptional responsiveness and partnership, providing tailored solutions and ongoing support, which has been highly valued by existing users.

Strategic Value

Blueprint for Success:
MedUniverse has provided a successful model for implementation, starting with small brands and scaling up across regions and therapeutic areas, ensuring a positive ROI and best practices.
Integrated Marketing:
The platform integrates seamlessly with existing marketing strategies, including digital campaigns, CRM systems (like Veeva), and third-party channels (like MedShr), enhancing the overall effectiveness of marketing efforts.
Knowledge Gap Identification:
By structuring profiles to inquire about data, MedUniverse helps identify knowledge gaps among HCPs, enabling more targeted educational efforts and improving overall medical conversations.

Recommendations for Pharma Companies:

Adopt MedUniverse to enhance HCP interactions, drive market growth, and streamline compliance and customization processes.

Leverage the platform’s proven success in smaller markets to scale up and replicate results across broader therapeutic areas and regions.

Utilize the partnership model offered by MedUniverse for responsive, tailored solutions that align with strategic goals and budget constraints.

Customer Success Stories


Improve engagement with a specific HCP segment


Obtain prescriber insights to support a product launch


Address a knowledge gap & improve patient outcomes


Address HCP doubts concerning treatment escalation


Empower HCPs to diagnose & treat an orphan disease


Heighten the interactivity of CME activities & foster dialogue with HCPs


Improve engagement with a specific HCP segment

Situation: DermaCo has no physical sales force and it is struggling to engage HCPs in primary care. It wants to develop a cost-effective digital strategy to increase its HCP target population and improve its interactions with those HCPs.

Action: DermaCo developed an educational campaign on the MedUniverse platform aimed to test HCP awareness of treatment guidelines for two common dermatological disorders. The campaign complemented DermaCo’s multichannel strategy and was distributed to HCPs using existing online channels.

Result: DermaCo was able to increase the duration of its interactions with HCPs by 300% compared to the industry average.


Obtain prescriber insights to support a product launch​

Situation: EndocrinoCo was about to launch a new product and it needed to understand how product characteristics influence the prescription behaviour of three HCP segments.

Action: MedUniverse created 10 patient cases in collaboration with the medical team and the brand team of EndocrinoCo. The cases were distributed to 100 HCPs via email, with a response rate of over 90%.

Result: EndocrinoCo was able to drive uptake by reaching out to each HCP segment with a tailored message concerning target patient groups, leveraging its newly acquired prescriber insights



Address a knowledge gap and improve patient outcomes​

respicoR new colours

Situation: RespiCo identified a knowledge gap in an advisory board that affected a specific HCP segment’s ability to manage and treat COPD.

Action: An educational campaign with patient cases was developed and presented to over 800 HCPs nationwide on the MedUniverse platform, using a mixture of physical and digital channels.

Result: RespiCo obtained insights about specific challenges in COPD management & treatment that allowed it to revise its CME program, improving patient outcomes and increasing HCP engagement in the process.


Address HCP doubts concerning treatment escalation​

Situation: OncoCo wanted to know how CML was managed in practice in two geographies, and how treatment was escalated in the presence of comorbidities.

Action: Approximately 5000 HCPs from two HCP segments were contacted digitally in four e-mail campaigns, with patient cases on the MedUniverse platform.


  • >95% of HCPs reacted positively to OncoCo’s campaign and requested further personal interaction.
  • Results were benchmarked between countries, enabling best practice sharing.
  • OncoCo collected significant amounts of data for a tailored follow-up campaign, positioning itself as a strategic partner for oncologists.


Empower HCPs to diagnose and treat an orphan disease​

Situation: NeuroCo wanted to raise awareness amongst neurologists about a rare neurological disorder and reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.

Action: MedUniverse led a collaboration between the brand and medical team at NeuroCo to develop a patient case for the disorder, an orphan disease with a prevalence of <1/100000. The patient case was distributed via e-mail to approximately 3000 physicians in three HCP segments (neurologists, psyciatrists, pediatricians)

Result: NeuroCo leveraged the insights acquired to revise its CME and commercial strategy:

  • <20% of HCPs diagnose correctly (even after extensive context has been given)
  • <20% of HCPs are aware of the test to confirm the diagnosis
  • 50% of HCPs do not treat according to the guidelines


Heighten the interactivity of CME activities and foster dialogue with HCPs​

Situation: HemaCo was looking for a methodology to foster discussion and make its meetings and conferences more interactive.

Action: MedUniverse analysed HemaCo’s CME strategy and materials, and converted them into an interactive patient case.

Result: HemaCo reported a dramatic increase in HCP engagement, and improved relations with medical societies as an added bonus.