MedUniverse – The Patient Case Engagement Platform

A global business, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden

Founded in 2009, MedUniverse is committed to working closely with our customers in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry to evolve our digital platform to improve Healthcare Professional engagement through the use of patient cases and patient profiles.

Our Team

Johan Dahlberg

Software Developer


Full time developer, part time enthusiast of Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering.

Richard Davy

Testing Engineer


As half english/half swedish, Richard spends most of his waking time contemplating if he likes tea or coffee the most. The remaining time Richard prefers engaging himself with badminton, board/video-games, skiing or one of his DIY projects.

Christian Johannesson

UI/UX Designer


Christian improves user experiences by day and plays with synthesizers by night. He likes delicious plant based food and to play badminton.