MedUniverse helps you become more digital

Knowing your customer is key to running a successful business, but acquiring such valuable information is not always simpleSales representatives, who make up a large portion of traditional sales strategies, have huge amounts of customer insights and useful information. But still, this can be limiting.

Combining traditional sales with a new digital approach is an area in which pharma has great opportunities. By combining the two, pharma can discover new thoughts, needs and points of view from their customers, developing insights that are not available from traditional market research activities or analog support material.

MedUniverse helps you implement a more digitized business model through 6 pillars: 

Stay Relevant

Navigating the data deluge in the healthcare industry can be daunting. Pharma can instead instill trust and capture HCPs’ attention by sharing information and key insights that are personalised to their needs and relevant for their patients. A good way to achieve that is by having comparative information alongside all the new facts and indications .

New value-adds

By ensuring that product info and treatment guidelines are readily available online, you greatly empower HCPs, freeing up time.

Share of Voice

We encourage further face-to-face interactions between sales reps and clients. However, we also know that physicians are also strong influencers on HCPs. Collaborate with Digital opinion leaders (DOLs) to improve access & measure share of voice

Increased access time

We know that access time to Physicians is falling. Taking advantage of limited access with digital solutions can help pharma both expand and extend the opportunity.

Digital engagement is on the rise

Younger physicians have a strong native appetite for digital. From this, they are becoming more seasoned HCPs who are also participating at a higher rate.

Multi-channel access

Combining traditional sales with a new digital approach to sales is the best way to holistically gather data, build relationships and improve sales. Every life science company is at a different level of omnichannel maturity. Meduniverse partners with pharma to meet you where you are from understanding your objectives and defining actionable strategies.



Having a clearer view of the data your digital interactions provide can both show you who you are really targeting and how they perceive your interaction. 

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