From Education to Action


The Brand Team wanted to:

  • Educate around new guidelines
  • Thread the patient journey throughout the discussion with prescribers
  • Provide route to on demand practical information


  • Created patient case study program using MedUniverse
  • Co-created content with external experts
  • Incorporated questions to understand current behaviours and knowledge gaps
  • Created an omnichannel journey and repository of one-click-away practical information

"This format is
one of the best ways of learning and
refreshing our knowledge!"

Most Pressing Problem
Oncologist in the UK
“Customers (HCPs) are very engaged,
more than I’ve ever heard
or seen in the past.”

Brand Lead in Pharma

"The MedUniverse Platform
helps highlighting areas we
need to improve."

Hematologist in the UK
“They (HCPs) find it really
really valuable because of
the interactivity.”

Sales representative in the UK

“I prefer using MedUniverse as a speaker
as it is more engaging and it
creates good discussions."

Key Opinion Leader within Oncology
"The platform uncovers opinions that allow us to challenge current prescribing pathways and present alternative prescribing pathways."
Sales Manager Oncology UK

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