Reshaping Medical Activities – A Case Study

Reshaping Medical Activities – A Case Study

Reshaping Medical Activities – A Case Study

Reshaping Medical Activities – A Case Study

Reshaping Medical Activities – A Case Study


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage healthcare professionals (HCPs) effectively. Traditional methods of disseminating information about drug efficacy, dosing, administration, and side effects often fall short in providing the depth of understanding required for informed decision-making.

At MedUniverse, we make industry-HCP interactions mutually beneficial, patient-centric and focused on addressing challenges in clinical practice, ensuring that the right treatment is prescribed to the right patient at the right time.


Case Study


PharmaCo’s Challenge

· Reaching a Broader Audience: The team struggled to extend the reach of their scientific education and exchange efforts, finding it difficult to engage a wider audience of HCPs.

· Measuring Effectiveness: There was a notable gap in their capability to quantitatively assess the impact and effectiveness of their educational initiative.

· Gathering Insights: The team faced obstacles in collecting meaningful feedback and insights from HCPs regarding the clinical use, efficacy, and safety of the disease area.


Solution: The MedUniverse HCP Engagement Platform

The MedUniverse HCP Engagement Platform was introduced as a solution. The platform’s design focuses on interactivity and engagement, leveraging the expertise of KOLs to co-create clinical cases. These cases incorporated interactive elements such as multiple-choice questions, media, instant feedback, and peer results. This approach ensured that the content was not only informative but also engaging and responsive to the needs of HCPs.

The distribution of these clinical cases across various on-demand channels marked a strategic shift in how educational content was delivered. By allowing HCPs to engage with clinical cases on their terms and at their own pace, MedUniverse facilitated a more personalized and flexible learning environment.


PharmaCo’s Outcomes

· Improved KOL Relationships: The collaborative effort in creating clinical cases strengthened the company’s relationships with key opinion leaders, establishing a foundation of trust and mutual benefit.

· Increased HCP Engagement: Over three months, more than 450 HCPs engaged with the clinical cases, with an average engagement time of 3.5 minutes. This level of engagement surpassed previous benchmarks and demonstrated the effectiveness of interactive content.

· Improved Customer Experience: 88% of HCPs found the clinical cases valuable in their clinical practice, indicating a high level of content relevance and utility.

· Identification of Knowledge Gaps: The platform also served as a tool, uncovering several areas where HCPs lacked knowledge regarding the clinical use, efficacy, and safety of the disease area.



In conclusion, the MedUniverse HCP Engagement Platform offers an innovative approach to industry-HCP interactions, making them more engaging, patient-centric, and impactful. By leveraging interactive patient cases, PharmaCo effectively educated HCPs about its drugs and drove meaningful improvements in patient care. By adopting the MedUniverse HCP Engagement Platform, PharmaCo managed to reach a broader HCP audience, understand the effectiveness of its educational efforts, and empower HCPs to make informed decisions and make changes in clinical practice.