Staying CALM: the MedUniverse take on tackling Pharma’s digital challenges

The next chapter in our series about the digital struggles of Pharma will cover what MedUniverse is doing to address the specific issues that came to light in our previous posts (lack of customer focus & linking digital initiatives to the broader business).

As for the first issue, the lack of customer focus: everyone in pharma (and elsewhere) is talking about customer centricity, but where does one begin? HCPs want credible educational content. Pharma delivers branded promotional material. Our digital patient cases deliver content that HCPs want, through channels that they increasingly use. Through MedUniverse, pharma can offer medical content that provides a valuable and convenient user experience, leading to improved engagement and increased trust. Treatment strategies, guidelines, journal articles and drug data are among the most sought after types of information for HCPs, and we can integrate them in patient cases, increasing the relevancy of your content for your desired audience.

Secondly, our CALM (Content, Access, Legal, Measurability) framework addresses the other issue: linking digital initiatives to the broader business. Our collaboration begins with a workshop, during which we will assess the needs and objectives of your stakeholders (brand leads, medical, sales & digital) for a specific project. After the assessment, our dedicated team will work with your specialists to translate those needs and objectives into:

  • Content for the patient cases
  • A tailored access strategy, leveraging your existing channels, to deliver the patient cases to HCPs
  • A due process, set up to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards in your market
  • Every interaction that HCPs have with the patient case can be measured and analysed, empowering your business intelligence and enabling you to increase the ROI of your HCP engagement strategy.

In our next post, we will present a business case to give you a better view of how the process works in practice.