Pharma’s digital struggle: what are the challenges and how can they be addressed?

In our previous post, we discussed how digital maturity could be measured and established there is a gap between the digital maturity of the pharmaceutical industry and the expectations of HCPs. In this post, we will investigate why Pharma is trailing behind digital leaders and what could be done to remedy this.

The hurdles Pharma faces on the path towards increased digital maturity are defining a digital strategy, executing it and scaling up. Less mature companies have not yet developed a digital strategy, whilst the more mature ones are struggling with the scale up. What else is new, the astute reader might think now. The diagnosis is well known, but what is the cause? What is preventing Pharma from making progress in digital?

Source: McKinsey

The biggest gaps between Pharma and digital leaders have to do with strategy and organization. Why? The major strategic issue is a lack of customer focus, whilst systematically linking digital to the broader business is the main organizational challenge.

How does all of this relate to MedUniverse, one might ask? Our patient case engagement platform is built around HCP needs, and leverages a decade of experience engaging HCPs via different channels. Secondly, our methodology involves different business stakeholders, and makes digital complementary to their workflows, enhancing their ability to deliver on their targets.

Interested? In our next blog post we will explain how we use our CALM-framework to identify and address Pharma’s HCP engagement challenges. In case you cannot wait until next week, contact us and we will gladly tell you more about staying CALM 🙂