The three key criteria for successful HCP engagement

At MedUniverse, we recently came across an interesting study and we would like to share some highlights with you. According to the 2600 HCPs that participated in the study, the three most important criteria that ensure a great overall customer experience in pharma are:

  • Flexibility:
    90% of HCPs ask for more options to access information at a time convenient to them.
  • Consistency:
    85% of HCPs indicate that it is important to get consistent and complimentary information across channels.
  • Conciseness:
    85% of HCPs want information to be presented concisely, with the option to investigate the subject in more detail at their own convenience.

These results confirm what we have learned in the field. We have over 10 years of experience in supporting pharma with HCP engagement across multiple channels, and throughout the years we identified several best practices to make sure these criteria are met. MedUniverse offers a workshop to share these insights and explore how our patient case platform can be leveraged to deliver results for your brand.

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