Our customers are quickly realising the value of using the MedUniverse platform to create specific and targeted patient profiles.


Maximise marketing spend

“For the first time, we have been able to measure the engagement with a patient case, across our multi channel marketing campaign by using the dashboard in MedUniverse.

By doing so, we’re able to identify that one of the channel messages wasn’t working as we had planned. We were thankfully able to make changes that improved how HCPs in that target group used our product with their patients.

In the old days, this would’ve been wasted marketing money and we would’ve seriously annoyed the HCPs! With a digital approach, we can now react, based on real time information. That’s good for the HCP relationship and for my marketing budget!”

Regional Business Unit Manager



Identify gaps in HCP medical education

“We had suspected that some of the oncology HCPs had a negative view of our product with a specific type of patient but we had not been able to ascertain what the trigger was for this.

We created 3 patient cases on the MedUniverse platform and then distributed the links to different HCP groups. By using the dashboard we identified which group of HCPs had a knowledge gap regarding our product interactions for one specific patient group.

With this insight, we could update and send out the training and medical education material to address this knowledge gap.

Identifying these types of gaps will undoubtedly help use become more efficient with our budget but I have also realised that having this kind of insight is a great competitive advantage.”

Oncology - Local market Product Manager


Support sales force effectiveness

“A colleague had suggested that we use MedUniverse to increase the time our sales force we able to spend with the HCPs. We thought that patient cases would improve HCP engagement and our sales objectives, if we were able use them prior to a visit, in the meeting and as part of a follow up.

We started to use MedUniverse to test this concept. The feedback from the sales teams was that they felt that the quality and relevance of the meeting with the HCP had improved. We are now digging further into this feedback from the sales teams, to build an integrated patient case approach.”

Regional Sales Force Effectiveness Manager


Increase global team collaboration for campaigns

“As a Global director, I needed to address how I could improve the efficiency with which we rolled out our marketing activities. We chose the MedUniverse platform to publish, distribute and manage our patient cases in 22 languages but we could soon see that by having a common platform it  encouraged our teams to share data and insights.

I have now seen that they are connecting across the organisation in a way that did not happen before. I witnessed the teams sharing patient cases and subsequently their best practices. Before, there was no reason for this to informally to take place but now I’m delighted to see it happen. This can only have a positive effect…. on the product, the team and my objectives.”

Diabetes – Global Director


Improve KOL engagement

“In the past we’d not been able to develop our engagement with key opinion leaders because we had struggled to really connect with them. We were using….emails, phone calls and when possible, meetings….this was not a great experience for either the KOL or us!

MedUniverse has meant that we now have a platform for the KOLs to edit and test the patient cases before giving their final approval. As a result, the KOLs have felt that this was a much better use of their time, as it was not wasted on fragmented communications, version control etc. which in the past had just frustrate them. It’s fair to say we now have an improved working relationship, where were we can all focus on the quality of the patient case, rather than the administration!.”

Global Director