Meet the MedUniverse Team

MedUniverse, based in Stockholm, was founded in 2009 and the team has extensive experience from working with the life science industry and healthcare professionals. We are committed to rendering business intelligence and customised digital solutions to our clients.


Anna Omstedt

CEO and Founding Partner

Visionary, serial entrepreneur who founded her first company Tasteline in 1999. Has engaged in several successful ventures with focus on digital. Founded Pokerface, a business network for female entrepreneurs and directors. Enjoys travelling, swimming, reading and the Asian cuisine. 

M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration,
Stockholm School of Economics 

    +46 (0)70 772 63 64
... Anna Norin

COO and Founding Partner

Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience from the digital industry. Devoted to business development and new business models. Keeps the company s finances in order. Is thrilled by the combination of nitty gritty details and the big picture. Likes TV series, skiing, running, and a good meal. 

M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration,
Stockholm School of Economics

    +46 (0)70 432 39 15
...Kristina Solerud Ahlström

Product Owner and Partner

More than 15 years of experience from strategic and operational marketing, business development and digital solutions. Specialises in project management, product ownership and customised communication and content. Enjoys tricky golf courses and rapid walks in the woods.

M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration, 
Stockholm School of Economics 

    +46 (0)70 202 24 94

... Ola Sambergs

CTO and Partner

20 years of architecture and development experience. Builds stuff. Hands-on technical leadership style with a keen eye for finding the best solution for any given business problem. Happy outdoors, skiing and hiking.

M.Sc. in Systems Analysis,
University of Lund

    +46 (0)70 879 85 78
... Erika Rask

Sales Manager

Equipped with both a bioscience and business degree and experience of business development in the pharmaceutical industry. Enjoys building business through efficient partnerships. Has held several internship and positions at life science firms. Loves running, yoga and travelling, especially to sunny places.

M.Sc. in Bioentrepreneurship,
Karolinska Institute

    +46 (0)70 142 80 18
... Otis Burris

Global Account Manager

Over 10 years of experience in enterprise IT/software solutions sales. With a true international background – born and raised in the Caribbean, educated in the USA, and now living in Europe. Enjoys football, Soca music and travelling to countries warmer than Sweden.

MBA Master of Business Administration Campbell University, North Carolina

    +46 (0)733 900 056
... Johanna Lundqvist

Product and Client Support Coordinator

Newly graduated with a biomedicine and a business degree, niched towards the life science industry. Spent one of several internships at MedUniverse. Inspired by the intersection between business and science. Enjoys exercising, especially skiing, horseback riding and biking.

M.Sc. in Bioentrepreneurship Karolinska Institute

    +46 (0)73 422 52 03


The Board of Directors


... Fredrik Sjödin

Chairman of the Board

Venture capitalist/Business angel 
... Björn Littorin

Board Member, Founder and Partner

Venture capitalist/Business angel 


... Håkan Åström

Board Member



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